LaDawn Severin - Gatekeeper, strategist, mama bear

I believe in leading by example and servant leadership, just like my hero and Savior, Jesus Christ. Some character attributes that I believe will help me in this role - I’m restorative, frugal, generous, empathetic, forthright, motivated and prayerful.

My motivation to run for school board:

So how are the children?

If you feel that youth in our community are doing better than they were 10 years ago, no change is needed. If you feel like our youth as a whole are walking with more discouragement and disillusionment, I implore you to take a close look at the six of us as candidates and ask yourself who would go to bat for our students in common-sense ways. I want to be a gatekeeper in opposition to political activists trying to bully their way into our school structure & curricula. I want to advocate for a full and varied toolbox for our high school students. Let’s give them a robust arsenal of options, resources, tips and tricks to gain either a college, associates or tech degree with a reasonable, not overwhelming, debt burden post-diploma.

Some Personal Background

I’ve been married to my husband Mike for 19 years & we have six kids from 17 to six years old. We live, shop, work, worship & volunteer here in District 279.  I was born in northern MN where my dad had his first teaching job. A few days before I started kindergarten, we moved to the cities where my dad would spend the next 40+ years teaching. My mom worked hard raising us kids & managing the household. My parents were strict, but kind & encouraging. These are my roots… where I learned personal responsibility, wise spending, hard work, teamwork, diligence and PEACEmaking...thanks to my little brothers!  High school was a time when I came out of my shell thanks to youth group & athletics at Blaine High school. I took some challenging classes, earned some grants & scholarships to Gustavus, and graduated in 1998 with a double major in Communications & Geography.  Mike & I met through a ministry we both volunteered with & got married in 2002. As newlyweds we were the onsite caretakers at apartment complexes near the U, while Mike had his career as a loan officer & I had mine as an office manager. His loan career gradually segued into real estate & I joined him in 2018. We currently have two rental properties & have enjoyed very little turnover and great relationships with our renters. I humbly bring 46 years of varied life experience to the table, and am ready to serve!

Help our scholars soar!

Elect common-sense leaders that will lead our school district and nation in the right direction. Early voting starts Sept. 23rd.

Helping our teachers thrive -

Some of our talented instructors are feeling the pressure - a combination of trying to support students with complex home-based challenges, the ever-diminishing toolbox of classroom discipline options available to them as teachers, and the unprofessional expectation that they will obediently blow the trumpet for select political ideologies, have led many of our finest educators to throw in the towel with disillusionment and disgust.  Add the abrupt online education demands of these last two years to the mix and you have educators struggling to keep their morale up. As a school board, we need to stand up to political bullies and give them a strong memo that our teachers are here to educate, and they will hold the bar equally high in our classrooms, regardless of skin color or race, for all are created equal, and all have equal capacity to be      respectful scholars.

Keep me informed about your school, what matters to you, or just say hello!

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